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What services do they provide?

Lifeline Healthcare, first time in Bangladesh, has been providing comprehensive Home-Healthcare Services to the patients at home. Since its inception in 2003, Lifeline Healthcare has been developing these services consistently by fine-tuning the programs and its operations in order to maintain high quality of services and professionalism. We extend a comprehensive suite of  programs and services (link) seamlessly integrated to achieve optimal health outcomes, beyond hospital settings, to the patient’s own doorstep.

In order to cater almost any requirement of clinical care at home, to maintain continuity and cohesion in treatment, Lifeline Healthcare developed multitude of service systems.


These are:

  1. Case Management Services: This is comprehensive clinical care provided to chronically ill patients after their discharge from hospital. It is intended to keep their ailments under control in a stable condition while patient is at home, and to reduce frequency of hospitalization. This is achieved by continuing institutional level of supervision and care to the patient at home.  Under this plan we designate an experienced physician to act as Case Manager for the patient. He acts as the health manager of the patient, and plays keystone role by coordinating the care provided by an increasing number of disparate specialists and technicians, each of whom is concerned with only a single aspect of an individual’s overall medical condition. As a keystone, a Case Manager oversees these interactions professionally and ties them together as cost-effectively as possible, just as a keystone unites and caps the sides of a structure. He also acts as their health advocate, and protects the patient from medical malpractices and overcharges by medical caregivers.

“Visiting Nursing Service”:  This is to provide skilled nursing care to the patients at home continuously or intermittently. This is supervised by doctors. Some of skilled nursing services provided are:

  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Disease Management
  • Wound Management
  • Enterostomal Therapy
  • Care and Maintenance of Urinary Catheters
  • Venipuncture and IV Antibiotics, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), enteral  nutrition-  hydration, chemotherapy, pain management, immune ulin therapy,
  • Respiratory medications including nebulization, tracheostomy management, etc.
  • Administration of Intravenous, Intramuscular, and Subcutaneous Medications
  • Care of Central Lines
  • Patient and Family Education
    - Medication Administration
    - Disease Process Management
    - Diet Management
      3. “Doctors-On-Call” Service: This is to provide clinical support to patient by physicians visiting patient’s home and giving required treatment and advice. In case of long term case management, doctor will provide the patient and relatives required guidance and will help to arrange and coordinate required services.
      4. Aya/Word boy and auxiliary medical staff support: This is provided to bed-ridden, immobilized patients to maintain patient’s personal hygiene requirements, feeding, toileting, cleaning etc. This is part of Home Support Services to help a patient to take care of himself without being dependant on others.
      5. Physiotherapy and other Rehabilitation Services: This is to help patient to recover from disabling conditions, like stroke, cardiac surgery etc. These include:
  • Complete physical assessment of the patient and the patient's environment.
  • The establishment of an individualized plan of treatment with input from the patient and the patient's caregivers.
  • Individualized training and instruction to patients and the caregivers.
  • A complete range of therapeutic exercises which are individualized to meet the particular needs of specific patients.
  • Speech-language therapy to patients with speech problems.
  • Counseling of patient with emotional lability.
      6. Pathological support: This includes specimen collection at home for laboratory tests.
      7. Ambulance Service: This is to transfer patients to and from the hospital, whenever required, under medical supervision, in our specially equipped 24-hour Emergency Medical Services’ Ambulance with basic life-support capability.
      8. Medical Counseling Service: This includes Health education, developing health awareness, seeking patent compliance and his own involvement, motivating to maintain personal hygiene requirement, etc. This creates “health-empowered community” consisting of “informed patients”.
      9. Medical Social work: Medical Social Work staffs assist patients in planning advanced directives, connecting patients to community service programs such as medication assistance programs, vaccination program etc. They also protect patients from medical malpractices and overcharges by other medical-caregivers.
      10. Quality Management Program: Lifeline Healthcare Limited uses a variety of tools and processes to monitor many different indicators measuring the quality of the care that we provide. Patient outcomes and program outcomes are reported regularly to our Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Committee.
      11. Home Medical Equipment and Logistics Support: This is to provide medical equipments and appliances to render required care to the patient at home, including oxygen cylinder with flow-meter, patient bed, nebulizer, glucometer, suction machine etc.
      12. Nutritional Service Program:  provides an unparalleled combination of nutritional education, and clinical follow up. Clinically, the program goal is to maintain weight and lean body mass as we promote appropriate growth or transition from Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) or Enteral feeding. Full time Registered Dietitians available for phone consultations and home visits related to nutrition support. Services include registered dietitian nutrition assessment when services begin and individualized schedule for follow-up throughout patient's care.