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“Doctors-On-Call” Service: This is to provide clinical support to patient by physicians visiting patient’s home and giving required treatment and advice. In case of long term case management, doctor will provide the patient and relatives required guidance and will help to arrange and coordinate required services. In this case a Doctor acts as your Health-Manager, and play keystone role by coordinating the care provided by an increasing number of disparate specialists and technicians, each of whom is concerned with only a single aspect of an individual’s overall medical condition. As a keystone, Home-Healthcare Service Providers oversee these interactions professionally and ties them together as cost-effectively as possible, just as a keystone unites and caps the sides of a structure.
Your Doctor also will act as your Health-Advocate, and protect patient from medical malpractices and overcharges by medical caregivers.
Our clinician will:
  • Thoroughly assess each patient to develop and assist with a customized clinical and supportive home healthcare plan designed to meet the specific needs of illness.
  • Regularly monitor clinical status, record vital signs and assess patients for early signs of any complication to adjust plan of management accordingly
  • Conduct screening pathological tests regularly to monitor condition
  • Evaluate the caregiver's ability to participate in the home care management of the patient and train them up to actively involve in managing patient's condition
  • Educate and train patients and caregivers about various facets of disease to achieve better patient compliance and positive clinical outcome
  • Communicate regularly about the patient's status and progress
  • Provide patients with written learning tools
    The instruction and guidance in our clinicians will greatly enhance a patient’s knowledge of his or her disease condition, and will significantly improve their ability to handle it.
    Some of the resulting key benefits include:
  • Reduced visits to hospital and emergency room, cutting the cost of treatment significantly and reducing burden of involvement of relatives in care-giving.
  • Treatment in the convenience of patient’s own home improves compliance, accelerates recovery and brings satisfaction to the patient and his entire family.
  • Improvement of overall health of the patient and maintain it in stable condition by regular clinical monitoring and disease management.
  • Maintains continuity of clinical care to avoid life threatening complications, and to ensure positive clinical outcome.
  • Additional peace of mind for the patient, caregivers and other family members by freeing themselves from huge burden of taking care of a seriously ill patient.

    Required staff and equipment support will be provided at home to deliver treatment and supportive protocols advised by the consultants.

    The close cooperation between patient’s family and clinicians of Lifeline Healthcare ensures consistent recuperation of the patient at home and improves quality of life.