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Health Tips

Welcome to our Health Tips page. This page is intended to increase Health Awareness among the members of the community, and to provide Health Information to the population. People will then be able to take better informed decision on their health matters. Ultimate goal of this endeavour is to create a Health-Empowered Community.

You may visit any page on this section and learn issues of your interest, by pointing your mouse to Health Tips tab in Know your problems Bar Menu above, or Health Tips Menu on the side Navigation menu. A drop down menu with the names of medical topics will appear. Click on your chosen topic and view it.

You can actively participate and contribute to achieve our goal to create a Health-Empowered Community. Disseminate Health Information pages by sharing it with others in your Facebook,blogs, twitter and other social media of your choice. Copy URL of this page and post it to your social media. You can always make a difference in someone's health and life. 

URL of this page: http://www.lifelinehealthcarebd.org/Health-Tips