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How much does it cost?

Costs of some of our services are as follows:


Costs of some of our services

  Name of the service   Cost
1. Doctor’s Home Visit Each Visit Tk. 1000.00 Only
2. Visiting Nursing Service Single shift Tk. 790.00 Only
(This includes once in a week doctor’s free visit in 24 hour nursing service)
3. Oxygen Therapy Entire cylinder vol. 1.39 Cu.M Tk. 800.00 Only
4. Medical Procedures Like,dressing,catheterization,etc. Tk. 500.00 - 2000.00 Only
5. Aya / W.boy Service Single shift Tk. 590.00 Only
6. Arranging Consultation Services: Tk. 1000.00-5000.00 Only

Other medical services, like physiotherapy, special medical procedures and counseling are arranged at a negotiated cost, depending upon exact nature of services.


N.B. Charges may be changed anytime without prior notice.


We always appreciate comments from our patients on our service charges.

Contact us for an estimate.