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What is Home Health care?

Home Health Care (HHC) comprises wide range of continued medical services (link) rendered to the chronically ill patients at their own home, in order to keep them in stable condition and to help them to recuperate consistently. Continued clinical and supportive care of patients at home accelerates recuperation, ensures rehabilitation process, and improves quality of life of the patient. Home Healthcare Services, thus bring professional medical care to the doorsteps of the patients, managing their health on their behalf cost-effectively and conveniently.

Home Healthcare Providing Medical Organizations render Home Healthcare services to the patients at home.  Home-Healthcare service providers are professional medical  organizations with extensive resources including highly skilled medical personnel, administrative and management team and social workers.Complementing institutional care, Home Healthcare Providers bring cohesion in patient management and ensure better clinical outcome.

In our country there was no such organization to provide professional medical care to the chronically ill patients at home in order to maintain consistency of care for achieving optimal health outcome. Absence of cohesion in medical care causes unnecessary suffering to the patients, frequent hospitalization, and often leads to premature death.

Lifeline Healthcare, first time in Bangladesh, has been providing comprehensive Home-Healthcare Services to the patients at home. Since it’s inception in 2003, Lifeline Healthcare has been developing these services consistently by fine-tuning the programs and its operations in order to maintain high quality of services and professionalism. In doing so, we already have developed significant infrastructure and manpower to meet increasing demands for such services.

We thus can extend a comprehensive suite of programs and services seamlessly integrated to achieve optimal health outcomes, beyond hospital settings, to the patient’s own doorstep

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