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About Us

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Lifeline Healthcare, since its inception in 2003, has been drawing public appreciation, for initiatives to fill up important gaps in healthcare sector, with pioneering medical projects and outstanding professional services, organized first time in Bangladesh.

Lifeline Healthcare,
first time in Bangladesh, has been providing comprehensive Home-Healthcare Services to the patients at home. Our Home-Healthcare Service can extend a comprehensive suite of programs and services seamlessly integrated to achieve optimal health outcomes, beyond hospital settings, to the patient’s own doorstep. We, thus complement institutional medical services, and maintain continuity of treatment plan for the patient at home. This establishes cohesion in patient management and ensures better clinical outcome. Our Home-Healthcare Services bring professional medical care to the doorsteps of the patients, making it affordable, convenient and accessible.

Since its inception, Lifeline Healthcare has been developing these services consistently by fine-tuning the programs and its operations in order to maintain high quality of services and professionalism. In doing so, we have developed significant infrastructure and manpower to meet increasing demands for such services. Medical services of our pioneering projects have already been filling up serious gaps in health sector and contributing greatly to the healthcare of suffering humanity.
Our History
Lifeline Healthcare was established in 2003 by a group of dedicated physicians with work experiences in the hospitals of USA and Europe. After returning to Bangladesh from abroad, while engaging themselves in medical practice, they were horrified to discover total absence of any medical care providing organizations, where a patient could be referred to for continued follow-up care at home. Even totally bed-ridden, fully paralyzed stroke victims are handed over to their relatives from hospitals to be managed at home, while patients still has multitude of problems like bed sores, tracheostomy tube and other catheters attached to his/her body. Whole family find themselves in a disastrous situation, unable to carry out this enormous burden of providing professional medical care for long. They simply give up, and tragic consequences soon follow. In developed nations, patients requiring follow-up clinical management after discharge from hospital, are handed over to Home-Healthcare providing medical organizations to ensure continuity of medical care at home consistently and cost-effectively. In Bangladesh there was no such organization to provide professional medical care to the patients at home. Our initiators noticed this serious gap in the health sector of our country, and felt urgency for organizing such services immediately.

In view of such a backdrop, our founding physicians laid foundation of Lifeline Healthcare, a Healthcare Providing Medical Organization with multitude of pioneering medical services initiated first time in Bangladesh. Since its inception medical services of our pioneering projects are filling up serious gaps in our health sector and contributing hugely to the healthcare of suffering humanity.

Lifeline Healthcare exists to make a positive difference in the lives of patients by providing compassionate, high-quality, Home Health Care with dedicated, caring, and highly skilled staff.
Our Vision
Lifeline Healthcare is the home health care providing organization that envisions:
1. To achieve the highest standard in healthcare service sector by ensuring high quality professional medical care with dedicated, caring and highly skilled healthcare personnel.
2. To become a vital part of the continuum of patient-care by providing institutional level of medical services at home.
3. To establish cohesion in medical services by complementing hospital care with provision of continued clinical and supportive care to the patients after their discharge from hospital.
4. To maintain consistency of medical care in order to achieve optimal clinical output.
Our Mission
At the Lifeline Healthcare, we have three guiding principles that underlie our mission statement. These principles are:
1. Commitment to the Lifeline Healthcare Community:
  • To achieve the best possible outcome for each patient.
  • To embrace a customer-service philosophy.
    2. Commitment to Lifeline Healthcare Employees:
  • To exhibit respect to our colleagues.
  • To work together as a team toward common goals.
    3. Commitment to Lifeline Healthcare as an Organization
  • To ensure the organization’s long-term financial viability.
  • To maintain the highest ethical standards.
    Our mission statement is:
  • To promote the health and well-being of patients and families by providing high-quality, cost-effective health care in the home and community.
  • To be a leader in the development of innovative services that enable people to function as independently as possible in their community.
  • To help shape health care policies that support beneficial home- and community-based services.
  • To continue our tradition of charitable and compassionate care, within the resources available.
    Our Credo
    Home Healthcare is our service, -------------------------- Caring is our Specialty.
    Our Values
  • We value our employees and appreciate them for their diversity, skills, dedication and new ideas. We value a learning environment and support employees to work as a team to make decisions necessary to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • We value the delivery of compassionate, respectful, high quality care that promotes optimal outcomes regardless of the patient's ability to pay.
  • We value our customers - patients, caregivers, hospitals, physicians, payer sources, health facilities, health professionals and the community-by recognizing their unique needs and striving to meet those needs by considering all issues that affect their services.
  • We value a financially responsible and socially conscious organization that provides cost-effective products and services with a commitment to continuous improvement that allows us to adapt to the changing health care environment.
  • We share common values of dignity and respect for every individual and a philosophy to provide all our services to individuals in need of assistance regardless of their race, age, disability, religion, color, sex, or national origin.
  • We value innovative and dynamic solutions by proactively examining diversification, collaboration, expansion and other opportunities.
    Our lifesaving projects
    1. Home-Healthcare Services: to provide continued clinical care at home to chronically ill patients requiring long time clinical management. This includes programs such as visiting nursing service, physiotherapy, doctor’s home visit, counseling, rehabilitation, etc.
    2. Doctors-On-Call service: to call a doctor for a home visit to treat a patient at home.
    3. “Visiting Nursing Service”: to provide nursing care to patients at home to continuously monitor patient’s clinical condition.
    3. Ambulance service: to transfer patients under medical supervision, so that patient can get necessary treatment, if needed, during transportation. Ours are the only ambulance service, manned by medical personnel to provide medical care to the patient during transportation, and fully equipped with basic life-support systems, oxygen, and emergency medicines.
    4. Managed Healthcare Plan: to provide comprehensive and continued medical services to enrolled population cost-effectively against a predetermined fee paid per month, for each patient enrolled in the plan.
    Our Resources
    Since it’s inception, Lifeline Healthcare has been developing these services consistently by fine-tuning the programs and its operations in order to maintain high quality of services and professionalism. In doing so, we already have developed significant infrastructure and manpower to meet increasing demands for such services.
    These include:
    1. Years of operational experience in planning, organizing and managing Home-Healthcare Services.
    2. 24 hour operational Control Room with extensive telecommunication system consisting of three telephone lines with PABX and Auto-Hunting System installed. Besides, we have our own closed user group network of multitude of mobile telephone lines to maintain constant communication with service personnel located in different parts of the city.
    3. Fulltime Medical Staffs consisting of Doctors, Nurses, Ayas (Home Aid), Brothers, Medical Assistants, Physiotherapists, Counselors, etc to provide full range of services to patients at home. Besides our fulltime medical staffs, we have developed network of affiliated medical personnel in different locations of the city, who work for us on pay-per-service basis.
    4. Panel of specialists and experts in each clinical discipline to advice and prepare clinical protocols for management of patients with wide range of medical problems.
    5. Board of advisors to adopt policy, prepare guidelines and strategy for consistently delivering comprehensive medical care, maintaining highest standard of professionalism.
    6. A team of dedicated management personnel to coordinate and deliver services.