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By Life Event

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What are the life events which require Home Healthcare Services?
You may need home-healthcare services if you require assistance;
  • When someone is less able to care for himself, as he gets older; Senior CareProgram may provide him help to live independently and maintain better quality of life. Home-Healthcare Service takes away burden of caring such a person from relatives and allows them to continue routines of their own life.
  • When someone have a disability and need assistance for maintaining daily routines. Home Supportive Care program and other skilled care can meet requirements of the patient to maintain daily routines.
  • When someone is recovering from an illness, surgery or a hospital stay and need continued medical care at home for follow-up clinical management. Services like“Doctors-On-Call”, “Visiting Nursing Service” and other skilled clinical care may help.
  • When someone is living with a chronic illness, which needs continued clinical support and monitoring by medical personnel in order to maintain consistency of care. Comprehensive Case Management involving multitude of medical personnel may ensure stable condition, prevent life-threatening complications, reduce frequency of visits to hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices.
  • When someone is diagnosed with a terminal illness, requiring End-of-Life palliative care involving multidisciplinary clinical and nursing support to alleviate suffering and to avoid frequent hospitalization with life-threatening complications.
  • When someone may simply need occasional assistance like giving intravenous injections, infusion, chemotherapy, blood transfusion, wound management with sterile dressing, collection of specimen for pathological tests, etc. our “visiting Nursing Service” can provide occasional assistance at home to deliver treatment orders given by the doctor.