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This is to help an old patient to take care of himself without being dependent on others and to live independently. This is provided by our auxiliary medical staffs, and is part of Senior Care Program. Supportive care is also provided to seriously ill, bed-ridden, immobilized patients to maintain patient’s personal hygiene requirements, feeding, toileting, cleaning etc.
Services include:
  • Complete physical assessment of the patient and the patient's environment.
  • The establishment of an individualized plan of treatment with input from the patient and the patient's caregivers.
  • Individualized training and instruction to patients and the caregivers.
  • A complete range of therapeutic exercises which are individualized to meet the particular needs of specific patients.
  • Use of specialized equipments and tools of physical therapy as required and advised by therapist.
  • Speech-language therapy to patients with speech problems.
  • Counseling of patient with emotional lability.
    We will coordinate everything the person needs at home, and promotes close communication with the family so that they know what is being provided and the progress of each person.
    Lifeline Healthcare will thus help you maintain control of the health and support needs of your loved ones wherever you are and wherever they call home. In doing so, we take away from you the burden of arranging and delivering professional care, and provide you peace of mind to continue usual routines of your daily life.
    This close cooperation between patient’s family and caregivers of Lifeline Healthcare allows an aged person to maintain assisted living in his own home independently. This ensures improved quality of life of the patient at home.