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As a home health care providing organization, we take great pride in our brand of reliable, responsive, personalized service. We believe that a strong desire to serve is what propels the quality of our service and part of our mission is to ensure that all our employees are instilled with this service ethic. 

Lifeline Healthcare uses a variety of tools and processes to monitor many different indicators measuring the quality of the care that we provide. As a part of our quality of services measurement program, we encourage our patients, their relatives, and Doctors who refer their patients to us for Home Healthcare Services, to provide us feedback, so that we can understand our weaknesses and strenghts. We very carefully analyze their opinions, comments and suggestions, and always strive to improve or adjust our services. Here in Lifeline Healthcare we believe that even in outstanding situations, there are always scope to improve. 

We recieve regular feedbacks from wide range of people. Please click side navigation bars to read some examples in order to help you to understand better about our work.