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Do I Need Help?

Is your patient a candidate for Home Health Care and may need some kind of help at home?

Use the Lifeline Healthcare assessment checklist to help determine if he/she is a candidate
If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you will need some kind of Home Healthcare Services.

Lifeline Healthcare can help with a wide range of home healthcare services. We can be there anytime, to make sure your patient follows your plan of care.
Does your patient require one or more of the following help?
      Clinical evaluation of patient’s condition for treatment planning.
      Pain Management.
      Monitoring of Vital signs like blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar level,
    general condition etc.
      Ensuring timely administration of medications, evaluating response to
    new treatments/medicines.
     Follow-up assessments
Does your patient require pathological support?
      Collection of samples (Blood, Urine, Stool, Sputum, etc.) at home for
    pathological examination and reporting.
      Doing portable X-Ray, EKG, attaching Holter monitoring device for
    24 hour cardiac monitoring, etc.
Does your patient require one or more of the following treatments?
      Wound Care including bed sore dressing, fistula care etc.
      Catheter/tube care (insertion, removal or maintenance)
      Drainage tubes
      Tracheostomy tube care (suctioning, oxygen)
      Suture/staple removal
      Infusion (I.V. antibiotics, pain management & I.V.nutrition)
      Blood transfusion
      Nebulization, oxygen therapy to patients with respiratory distress
      Chemotherapy administration
      Tube feeding of patient (through N-G tube or PEG tube)
      Colostomy management
      Care of C-V lines
Does your patient require any equipment support for delivering doctor’s order?
      Suction machine, Oxygen cylinders with flow-meter, Nebulizer, Pulse
   oxymeter, CPAP/Bi-PAP machine etc.
Does your patient require one or more of the following education?
      Medication administration
      Disease management
      Self-care protocol
      Special diets
      Operation of assistive devices, like use of glucometer, BP machine,
    nebulizer etc.
Does your patient require one or more of the following rehabilitation therapies:
      Physical Therapy (PT),
      Occupational Therapy (OT),
      Speech Therapy (ST)?
Does your patient require assisstance in one or more of the following conditions?
      Difficulty w/ ambulation (e.g. gait abnormality, turning, sitting up, new
    assistive device)
      Fall risk or history of falls
      Patient lives alone – safety concerns
      Patient needs help at home for self-care
      Difficulty dressing/grooming, Difficulty bathing,Difficulty w/ feeding,
      Difficulty w/ transfers (e.g. toilet, tub, sit to stand)
      Confusion at any level, including memory problems
      Difficulty speaking clearly