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From our Patient's Relatives

Mrs. M. Islam

Please accept my appreciation and gratitude to all those at Lifeline Healthcare who helped me care for my husband.He had a stroke with paralysis of right side of his body, and was in the hospital for more than a month. Treating Consultant Neurologist of the hospital referred us to specialized home healthcare providingmedical organization Lifeline Healthcare for continued clinical and rehabilitation services for my husband at home. This will allow my husband to consistently recuperate at home and will improve his quality of life

We contacted Lifeline Healthcare few days before his discharge from hospital. A physician from the organization came to see my husband in the hospital to assess his requirements, and together we worked out a plan of management for continued clinical care at home. Lifeline Healthcare helped us to organize the room, where my husband will be staying at home, to hospital setting. We arranged a patient bed and Lifeline Healthcare provided necessary equipment support like oxygen, nebulizer etc.

It’s almost a year now. During this entire period, my husband made a significant recovery. He can now walk with help, can eat orally solid food (initially we had to feed him through a nasal feeding tube), can talk slowly, and is able to use toilets when required. Initially, only twice he visited to the hospital for follow-ups, but later on his neurologist waved his further follow-ups. 

During the entire period of his stay at home, he was under the care of a physician from Lifeline Healthcare, who supervised and coordinated all clinical andrehabilitation services. He made regular visits at home to see my husband and advised accordingly. Regular pathological tests were done taking samples from home, to monitor any changes in body chemistry. Nurses kept records of all vitals of my husband and reported to the physician in Lifeline Healthcare regularly in order to keep him in stable condition all the time. Physiotherapist from Lifeline Healthcare is very well trained and is used to handle stroke patients. He gave required physiotherapy regularly to increase mobility and to regain strength.Speech therapist worked with complete devotion and patience to improve vocabulary to the extent that he is now able to talk slowly and express himself. Nurses who worked with him are simply ‘angels’. They are caring, compassionate, well mannered, well trained, friendly and dependable. Your wound management team is outstanding and managed to completely heal his bed sore by doing thorough and regular dressing of the wound maintaining full sterility. Each time they brought fully sterile, autoclaved materials for dressing. His bed sore healed completely within few weeks despite the fact that he is a diabetic patient. All these services were arranged, coordinated and delivered consistently and proactively by a physician in Lifeline Healthcare, who worked as a Case-Manager. We constantly cooperated with him and worked together to achieve positive outcome. 

We are very much thankful to all their staffs who worked with my husband at home, to the office staffs of Lifeline Healthcare for their timely and effective support to all our needs and requirements, and to our case-manager physician for his professional guidance and help. In brief, it’s a superb medical organizationdedicated to care the suffering humanity.

At last, we want to say that without the help of Lifeline Healthcare, we could not have been able to provide any effective care to ensure consistent recovery of my husband at home without any need for hospitalization. We also are thankful to the consultant neurologist of the hospital who referred us to Lifeline Healthcare for continued clinical care at home. We are simply indebted and obliged to Lifeline Healthcare for their outstanding service to our family. May Allah bless them and help in their continued effort to care the suffering humanity. Thanking you,
Mrs. R. Laila
“Is Romana coming? Is Romana here?” That’s our mother’s everyday song. Mother has a new friend, Romana Hossain. Romana, a staff-nurse of Lifeline Healthcare, has been our mother’s nurse since January 2008. Romana’s medical knowledge and expertise, great sense of humor and especially her loving care have given our mother a quality of life during last years of her life that she would never have had; physically, mentally and emotionally.

My mother, an 85 year old pleasant lady, insisted to live in her own apartmentof our family house despite her advanced age. She was diabetic with high blood pressure, and age related ailments. She could walk on her own, but became gradually weak, and her gait was not very stable. So she had chance to fall and break her fragile aged bones. She required help to maintain her personal hygiene, to wear her clothing and to give her medications regularly according to her doctor’s advice. She also needed assistance to maintain her daily routines.She frequently needed to visit her doctor’s clinic for follow-ups requiring considerable amount of time, often making her exhausted. Some of us needed to accompany her during these visits which often disrupted our usual schedule. Members of our family usually has a very busy schedule to maintain for professional reasons, and are often unable to consistently give adequate time for my mother’s care. We very much needed a professional medical organization to provide her continued clinical and supportive care at home, so that she remains clinically stable and is able to live independently at her own apartment maintaining her usual schedule.

We contacted Lifeline Healthcare, a Home-Healthcare Providing Medical Organization, for both clinical and supportive care to be provided at home. A physician from the organization saw my mother at home for detailed assessment of her condition. Home Nursing Care was initiated and my mother was put under the supervision of the physician to proactively monitor her condition,and to maintain consistency in her treatment and care.

Romana was her nurse, who visited every day, and worked with her an entire shift. She was such an excellent nurse. She was very caring, thorough, compassionate, very professional and went far beyond expectations. She is just a wonderful person, and has a sparkling personality which is also so wonderful for a sick patient. Nurse maintained daily records of her blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar levels and other charts instructed by the doctor. Doctor from Lifeline Healthcare visited my mother at home regularly and when required. Routine and needed tests were done collecting samples from home in order to monitor her conditions. Doctor adjusted her medications according to her clinical condition and test reports. In this way she was under full professional care at home, and her conditions remained stable. Her quality of life improved, and became more in life than before. She was well and happy during this entire period. 

Just a note to say Thank You for the services you provided for Mother. With the assistance of you and your 'girls' she was able to remain in her apartment, on her own (the way she wanted it). Time came when Mother needed someone close by all the time. With your help, we were able to care for her in our home until her death. There is a real need for the services you offer."We feel blessed to have located an outstanding health care provider, one that we can trust with the care of my mother’’.

Mr. T. Ali

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation to all in Lifeline Healthcare for their outstanding medical and supportive care provided to my father under their“senior care at home” program. My father was 86 year old man, and was suffering from Motor Neuron Disease and Alzheimer’s disease. His neurological conditions are progressive in nature, and gradually makea patient totally non- functional both physically and mentally. Initially we were in shock, when our neurologist in the hospital explained us everything, and recommended to take him home for further care. We were at loss and didn’t know what to do. Besides his neurological problems, my father also suffered from multitude of other physical ailments like Diabetes, Heart problems, High Blood Pressure etc. He required institutional-level of comprehensive medical and supportive care involving wide range of staffs and caregivers. Fortunately our Neurologist in the hospital referred us to Lifeline Healthcare, a home-healthcare providing medical organization, specializing in caring chronically ill patients at home.

We immediately contacted them for help. A physician from Lifeline Healthcare visited my father while in the hospital and assessed his condition. He then discussed with us about the required services to be provided at home, and advised us to make arrangements at home before shifting him there. With the help and recommendation of Lifeline Healthcare, we arranged my father’s room like a hospital cabin. Lifeline Healthcare provided required equipment support for that. We then shifted my father to his new hospital at home with 24 hour nursing support, doctor’s supervision, and auxiliary staff (ward boy) support. It was like total hospital setting, and my father was managed with hospital level of care with well-trained staffs and necessary equipmentinstalled (suction machine, nebulizer, oxygen etc.).

The caregiver was always reliable, inventive and good humored, adjusting to the temperamental needs of my father associated with Alzheimer's disease as well as the infirmities of age. Nurses checked all his vital signs, blood sugar levels regularly, and reported back to the physician for advice, if any. They gave medications as advised by the physician, did all medical procedures like nebulization, suction to clear flames from his throat etc. Ward boy very tenderly bathed, cleaned and dressed my father every day, changed diapers to maintain his personal hygiene, and helped him to mobilize. All your staffs are dependable, kind, professionally competent, and are eager to go far beyond their usual routines.

Without the help of your “Seniors Home Care Services” my mother would not have been able to keep my father at home for the remainder of his life. Your organization and services you provide to the patients are an example of professional excellence, and to be followed by others. Thanking you with gratitude,