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Employee Testimonials

Home Care Nurse Farida Banu


I have been working In the Home-Healthcare Services of Lifeline Healthcare for last five years. This is a specialized medical services project dedicated to provide home healthcare to the chronically ill patients at home after their discharge from hospital. The goal is to keep the patients in stable condition at home, so that they do not need to be hospitalized frequently for treatment. As a home care nurse you need to be providing care to a particular patient staying at home. Here you not only deal his/her medical issues, but also need to address his/her personal issues as an individual. Therefore close association with the patient with the understanding of his/her psychological and medical requirements, as well as caring attitude of a nurse is the key to effective delivery of services in this setting. Before joining Lifeline Healthcare as a homecare staff nurse, I have been working in the hospitals, where personal involvement with a patient was not of such importance. Working as a home care nurse is, therefore, always a challenge, but often very rewarding.

On this instance, I want to mention one incidence here.Lately I was assigned to provide home nursing care to Mrs. Choudhury, an 85 year old pleasant lady,who was staying in her daughter’s home after a mild stroke with left sided hemiparesis. She also had associated other age related ailments. After stroke she had difficulties in walking, and required help. Over the weeks we had become very comfortable with each other and through the process of providing her care, we would also talk about things like family and her past life events. The patient would light up and smile when I arrived, and we would have some of the most wonderful conversations while I was treating her. During these conversations, she asked me if I had any children. I said yes, I have one boy. I had also mentioned that my son has autism. I thought nothing of it at the time, but today when I came to see her, the patient and her daughter were watching a television program about Asperger’s syndrome, the particular type of autism that my son has. I thought it was wonderful that through our conversations, I had sparked an interest for this family to learn more about this condition. I didn’t mention the program to the patient or her daughter. Before I left, the patient said ‘I have something for your boy’. Her daughter presented a very beautiful punjabi-pajama setmade from fine silk as the coming Eid gift. What a wonderful gift this family has given me.

The rewards of nursing in home-healthcare service go far deeper even than seeing a patient heal physically. Sometimes, patients can heal your soul too.


Nurse Rekha Islam


Quick Response Saves a Life


Recently, I went to morning shift duty to my regular patient at home. She is an old lady, living in her own apartment independently with two house maids to do housekeeping and cooking. Lifeline Healthcare provided day time nursing cover only. At night she was attended by her housemaid, when required. When I reached her home in the morning, her maid immediately took me to her bedroom saying that the patient last night developed severe diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. I found her lying on her bed almost motionlessly, and very weak. She could hardly speak. I quickly checked her vitals. Her blood pressure was very low, pulse feeble and running high temperature. I immediately rang Lifeline Healthcare office and informed the doctor-on-duty everything. Doctor advised to open IV channel and start infusion of saline and monitor her condition continuously. Doctor also advised necessary medications to start and sent pathology technician to take blood for immediate tests. Within hours the patient’s condition started to improve. Her blood pressure, pulse became normal, fever subsided, and she could sit on the bed on her own. Reports showed G I tract infection along with electrolyte imbalance, which was corrected gradually, and she completely recovered in four/five days. Quick response saves life and often avoids hospitalization.

Lifeline Healthcare is a medical organization with resources, experience, professional expertise and dedication to serve their patients effectively and comprehensively. I feel always proud to be a part of this wonderful organization, and feel happy to work as a team member.

I love working in Lifeline Healthcare because it is a company that is always evolving to meet and exceed the requirements and aspirations of our patients. We in the company have a team approach and work together with our collective focus on the patient. The staff here feels more like a family. There is a great team atmosphere and I can always count on my fellow co-workers. Dedication, professionalism and caring attitude of our management team trickles down through the company and is reflected in every employee of Lifeline Healthcare. Finally, I love to work as a home-healthcare nurse because I have the opportunity to positively impact so many people’s lives.


Medical Counselor’s story


I work as a medical counselor with Lifeline Healthcare; a medical organization specialized in providing home-healthcare services to the chronically or terminally ill patients at home. They often have patients with disability after cerebro-vascular accidents or as a complication of chronic illnesses. Many of these patients find it very difficult to cope with his disabled condition. These patients gradually tend to withdraw from life emotionally, become indifferent to his future outcome, and eventually enter into depression. This state of his/her psychology adversely affects his/her physical recuperation, and results tragic consequences. Medical counseling is, therefore, is an integral part ofcontinued care and rehabilitation of these patients in order to bring about any positive outcome.

As a home healthcare staff member, I work with an individual patient at his/her own home setting, which allows me to tailor make a personal approach according to the likings, requirements, and state of his/her mind. This individual approach in home healthcare services allows me often to achieve desired positive goals for my patients, and to bring about significant enlightenment and change in their lives. These results also provide inspiration to my professional life, and help me to devote myself more to my work. I, therefore, feel very glad to work in Lifeline Healthcare in their home-healthcare project which is so much rewarding. The entire organization works like a family, where team spirit prevails, and always highest standard of professionalism is maintained. All the staffs are dedicated, caring, and as a team always are focused on patient care. I am proud of being a member of such a wonderful organization dedicated to serve patients in their sufferings.