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At the Lifeline Healthcare (LH) of Bangladesh, we know that our employees are our most valuable asset, so we're looking for the best people to join our team. Why work for LH? We're always working to show you just what you mean to us. Here, get to know the ways we support our employees, the opportunities and benefits, and the excitement of a career at the only home health care organization in the country.
Professional Development & Advancement

Training session of nurses conducted by our trainers and myself in our office.

Here, in Lifeline Healthcare, after recruitment, we train, motivate, and develop skills of our staffs to better meet the healthcare needs of our patients.

Whether you’re exploring home health care as a potential career or have years of experience and are looking for a new specialty, Lifeline Healthcare offers a wide range of positions and opportunities that other clinical settings often don’t — or can’t.

As a home health care specialist in the field, your days won’t be spent in an office or on the floor of a hospital. You’ll care for your patients in their homes, where you’ll have the opportunity to build relationships and get a glimpse into their lives that most health care providers aren’t able to see. By observing their environment, you may even find that you’re able to treat patients more effectively.

In addition, you’ll be part of a team that provides high-quality care to each patient. You’ll work more independently than you might in a clinic, hospital, or medical office, but you’ll never be isolated from your colleagues.

And you’ll receive plenty of support. While you’re in the field seeing patients, our clinical specialists, education staff, and managers are always just a phone call away.
The following are just some of the careers in home health care at Lifeline Healthcare :
    Home Health Aides
    Rehabilitation Therapists
    Registered Dietitians
    Social workers
As a Home Healthcare physician you will have ample opportunity to gain valuable experience in Family Medicine, treating terminally ill patients, Geriatric Medicine, managing chronically ill patients involving multiple organ systems, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine etc. Extensive clinical exposure to wide range of cases, along with our focus on continuous in-service training and demonstration provided to our working doctors will give you wealth of professional experience. This will be of huge benefit to you for future career development and medical practice. Ongoing development of clinical skill is subsequently provided through such offerings as in-service one-to-one consultations with clinical specialists, and events that offer continuing education.

Our doctors are also able to take advantage of extensive opportunities for professional growth and career advancement in such areas as service delivery management, advanced practice/clinical consultation, education and training, clinical systems, research, product development, and more. So you can achieve your personal development goals – whether they are to gain direct clinical experience in a new area (such as Geriatrics, Family Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Palliative Care/Hospice) or to climb the career ladder using your wealth of experience gained by working with us as a Home Healthcare Physician.

We provide generous reimbursement benefit along with other remunerations and incentives.


As a Home Healthcare Nurse, you’ll benefit from our focus on continuous professional development, from our elaborate orientation to a rich in-service program and generous reimbursement benefit.

All nurses attend a comprehensive orientation that combines classroom instruction as well as field-based learning. Additional instruction and support are provided throughout the first six months of employment by orientation nurse instructors, staff development specialists and managers. For newly licensed, recent nursing graduates, we also offer transition-to-practice program that provides extensive training and resources tailored to the learning needs of the novice home healthcare nurses under the guidance of a dedicated manager. Ongoing staff development is subsequently provided through such offerings as in-services one-to-one consultations with clinical specialists, and events that offer continuing education.

Our nurses are able to take advantage of extensive opportunities for professional growth and career advancement in such areas as service delivery management, advanced practice/clinical consultation, education and training, clinical systems, research, product development, and more. So you can achieve your personal development goals – whether they are to gain direct care experience in a new area (such as the Acute Care RN who moves to Palliative Care/Hospice) or to climb the career ladder.
Home Health Aides
As a Home Health Aide at Lifeline Healthcare, you’ll provide in-home care and companionship, which may include personal care, feeding, helping to mobilize the patient, and running errands, such as keeping patient area clean. You may also need to escort a client to an appointment.

You’ll be a part of a service delivery team, working with nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and other professional clinical staff to help ensure that patient needs are met. And because home health aides typically spend more time with patients than other members of the home health care team, you’ll be in a position to observe — and report — critical changes in a patient’s status.

Lifeline Healthcare provides free training to prepare individuals as a Home Health Aide and employment by our organization. This training includes classroom-based instruction and practical demonstration which enables trainees to receive instruction in such specialty areas as: care of the cognitively impaired, working with babies and children, and care of the client at the end of life. Our Home Health Aides receive need-based additional training to further develop their skills.


Rehabilitation Therapists
As a Home Healthcare Rehabilitation Therapist, you’ll work with your patients in their homes. You’ll see the challenges they face on a daily basis, and you’ll be able to tailor their therapy to meet the demands they encounter.

When you join Lifeline Healthcare, you’ll receive detailed orientation before you begin to make home visits. Our occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech language pathologists attend orientation programs that encompass instruction in basic aspects of home health care, company’s policies and procedures, visit documentation, and regulatory requirements. You’ll also receive detailed briefing on the patient’s clinical condition by clinician (Case Manager) before you attend the assigned patient. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to learn on the job by participating in joint or co-visits with clinical managers and colleagues to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Your professional development at Lifeline Healthcare will be continuous, with education and training that builds on your prior learning and experience. Team meetings, in-service training, consultations with staff development and clinical specialists, and your day-to-day case collaborations with colleagues are key ways in which we share new information and best practices. And our generous reimbursement policy provides financial support for your fiscal requirements.
Registered Dietitians
As a Home Healthcare Dietitian with Lifeline Healthcare, you’ll work with a diverse patient population, educating people of all ages and all walks of life on proper nutrition and developing eating plans that fit with each person’s nutritional needs and preferences.

Whether you work in Early Intervention, Long-Term Home Health Care, Managed Long-Term Care, or Hospice, you'll participate in an orientation program that will help prepare you for your role as a home health care specialist at Lifeline Healthcare. You will also have access to the many classroom-based and in-service training programs offered to all our employees.


Social Workers
In Lifeline Healthcare a social worker’s principal role is to act as a patient’s “Health Advocate” and plays a “Keystone Role” to coordinating the care provided by an increasing number of disparate specialists and technicians, each of whom is concerned with only a single aspect of an individual’s overall medical condition. As a keystone, a social worker oversees these interactions professionally and ties them together as cost-effectively as possible, just as a keystone unites and caps the sides of a structure. He also protects the patient from medical malpractices and overcharges by medical caregivers.

As a Home Healthcare Social Worker, you’ll have a variety of programs and patient populations from which to choose at Lifeline Healthcare, from community mental health services, long-term care, and acute/short-term adult care to hospice care and a variety of children and family-focused services. You may provide services in the home, work in a community-based setting, or as a member of a Mobile Crisis Team. You may provide direct services, supervise, head a program, or collaborate with colleagues, community agencies, and funders to develop new initiatives.

The variety of programs in which social workers are employed means that you will enjoy opportunities for professional development and career advancement through transfers and promotions.

Regardless of your role, you will receive the foundation of a strong orientation to Lifeline Healthcare and ongoing professional development, whether in a classroom, or under the guidance of your manager.
                                      Compensation & Benefits
Competitive compensation, generous benefits, overtime facilities, transportation reimbursement as well as rich programs to help you balance the demands of life and work distinguish the "total rewards" offered by Lifeline Healthcare to recognize and support our staff. We make available a variety of compensation options, comprehensive health insurance coverage, life and disability insurance plans, and several retirement and savings options.
    Health Care Benefits
    Income Protection
    Retirement Plans
    Additional Programs
Lifeline Healthcare’s compensation programs are designed to recognize and reward the contributions of our staff, promote equity and fairness, and ensure that we are competitive. These programs include:
    Salaried and per-diem (pay by visit, hour, or day) compensation options.
    Opportunity to earn supplementary income by doing extra duties.
    Annual bonus opportunities to reward individual performance, plus annual team-based performance bonus opportunities;
    Reimbursement of transportation cost;
Health Care Benefits
Lifeline Healthcare provides health care benefits to full-time and regular part-time staff. In addition, we also offer free or discounted treatment facility to the family members of our staffs, so that they are able to continue their duties without interruption.
Income Protection
You work hard to help others, so it makes sense that you want to help yourself and your loved ones in the event that you are unable to work. Lifeline Healthcare offers a variety of income protection plans, including:
    Life Insurance
    Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
    Short-term Disability Insurance
    Long-term Disability Insurance
Benefits eligibility and coverage options vary by job, employment status, and plan.
Retirement Plans
Lifeline Healthcare offers a variety of retirement savings options to help you plan for your future financial security.
    Employees in full-time and regular part-time staff positions are covered under a pension plan. Under this plan you can make regular savings to redeem in retirement. You may participate in it without any additional charges.
Find a Position & Apply
You can contact our office and apply for a suitable position to work with us. You can also apply online by clicking here on “ Application Form ” . You will be required to fill up the application form and submit it online. You will be called for an interview after primary review.
                                         Life at Llifeline Healthcare
What makes Lifeline Healthcare one of the best places to work in healthcare sector? Competitive compensation and benefits programs, on-going training and development, and a wealth of competent professionals working together as a team to provide the best care possible — these are just a few of the things that set us a part. Learn more about why we're a vibrant and challenging place to work:
    A Great Place to Work
    Challenging Work
A Great Place to Work
Our work is challenging, but it’s rewarding. Our nurses, therapists, and other members of the service-delivery team work one-on-one with their patients and their families, often developing strong bonds that are not possible in other health care settings. Many of our clinicians work in or near their neighborhoods. They experience a strong sense of community when current and former patients wave to them or say hello as they walk in the street. Our clinical staffs also enjoy flexibility in setting their duty schedules. Many find that this autonomy makes home health care a less stressful environment than a hospital.

At Lifeline Healthcare, we appreciate the wealth of knowledge each employee brings to the organization, and we welcome opportunities to learn from each other. We rely on the diversity of experiences, expertise, and ideas of our colleagues to point the way toward improvements and innovations across the organization — from the programs and services we offer to technology and research.
Challenging Work
Providing health care is demanding, no doubt about it. And part of the excitement of home health care is that no two days are exactly alike. Whether you are a nurse seeking to relieve acute attack of an asthmatic patient, an occupational therapist, helping a stroke victim to use her hand again, or a social worker helping to safeguard a patient from possible medical malpractice and overbilling by any caregivers, each day and each patient present different experiences and challenges.


To help employees succeed, Lifeline Healthcare provides the right tools: a solid orientation and our continued monitoring and support systems to get you onboard. Continued support and in-service training to develop required skills, and development opportunities prepare you for today’s demands and tomorrow’s rewards.


As a home health care specialist, you might not work in an office setting where your colleagues are down the hall, but you’re always part of a supportive team in a helpful environment. You’ll rely on the expertise of experienced colleagues. When you are in the field, an educator, manager, or other expert is only a phone call away. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to handle new and more complex challenges as you grow as a home health care specialist.


Our rotational duty roster enables you to explore new options, whether that’s a move to a different area, an assignment to a different specialty, or assuming a new role within Lifeline Healthcare.


A Day in the Life at Lifeline Healthcare
A “typical” day for a Lifeline Healthcare employee? With diverse group of staffs, that’s nearly impossible to pin down. We spoke with some members of our team from a variety of departments and disciplines, to learn more about "a day in the life" at Lifeline Healthcare. Here are their stories:
    Nurun Nahar Rumi, Staff Nurse
    Rana, Physical Therapist
    Shaila, Home Health Aid
    Romana, Occupational Therapist
    Mr. Khan, Dietitian
    Sunny, Social worker
Rumi, Staff Nurse
As a staff nurse, Rumi worked primarily with our long term continued care team taking care of chronically ill old patients with multitude of physical and psychological problems. Rumi says her work was a great experience, and she readily declares that she “loves home care nursing” and “loves her patients.”


Although providing care to such patients can be a challenge, Rumi learned to employ creative approaches to working with her patients, encouraging them to follow their doctors’ orders and maintain their medication routines. She plans to continue her career as a home healthcare nurse with Lifeline Healthcare and would like to eventually return to school for further education and advanced training.

Rana, Physical Therapist

As a Rehabilitation Consultant, Rana provides long-term care management services that help him elderly patients maintain their strength and mobility so they can remain independent and safe. Rana says that his experiences with LH have provided valuable lessons that involve his personal life and have also led him to develop as a professional.

Shaila, Home Health Aid

As a home health aid, I work with individual patient at his home to provide supportive care in order to let a patient live in his house independently. As time goes by usually a close relationship develops with the patient, which allows me to understand and meet her requirements better. Intimate interaction with the patient often is very rewarding, and gives me great pleasure to work in Lifeline Healthcare. Other staffs in LH are very much supportive, and work as a family, which allows me to feel comfortable to work.

Romana, Physical Therapist

As a Physical Therapist at Lifeline Healthcare, Romana provides long-term care management services that help her elderly patients maintain their strength and mobility so they can remain independent and safe in their communities. In dealing with each client, she considers which aspects of the situation can be improved, then goes to work as instructor, coach, advocate, resource, and partner — and includes her patients’ families and caregivers, as well as her colleagues, in the team.

Romana says that her experiences with Lifeline Healthcare have provided valuable lessons to develop as a professional. Working one-on-one basis with her patients and their family members often develops strong bonds that are not possible in other health care settings. This helps her to develop deep love and dedication to her day to day work with her patients.

Mr. Khan, Dietitian

I have been working in Lifeline Healthcare for last 5 years. I need to attend patients with wide range of dietary requirements at their homes due to the presence of ailments involving multiple organ systems. It needs regular follow ups and requires to do lot of convincing for compliance. Such individual approach to each patient helps to achieve better compliance from the patients, leading to expected positive outcome. It is really rewarding and gives satisfaction to work even with more dedication. Home healthcare services only can make this to happen. I therefore, enjoy to work in Lifeline Healthcare.

Sunny, Social worker

Working with Lifeline Healthcare gives me tremendous satisfaction due to high standard of services they provide to each and every patients they serve. Dedication, professionalism, and caring attitude of the members of entire organization, superb management, and cooperative working environment inspire any worker to continue his/her career with Lifeline Healthcare. I really feel proud of being a member of such an excellent organization.