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From our physicians referral sources

From our physicians referral sources


Lifeline Healthcare has provided home healthcare services to our rehabilitation patients for the past few years.  They have highly qualified and well trained staffs in all disciplines and provide wide range of home healthcare services to the patients we referred.Lifeline Healthcare is always willing to go the extra mile for our patients. They handle referrals in a timely manner and give excellent feedback after discharging patients. Anything that we need, we know that they are just a phone call away and we know it will be taken care of.

Lifeline Healthcare has been extremely reliable & dedicated with their patient referrals. I always know that the patients going home are in excellent hands with Lifeline Healthcare. They are compassionate, trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional and diligent with their follow-up and requests for feedback. One of my favorite things about Lifeline Healthcare is that they give me progress reports & satisfaction ratings from my discharged patients

We appreciate the marketing department for listening to the specific expectations for our patients and the rapport we have built together to increase quality patient care. In turn, this information is communicated to the Clinical Support Department, which produces positive outcomes for the patient.

Have been very pleased with the fluid transition they offer to our patients and their families from inpatient treatment in a tertiary hospital to the home environment. We receive outcome measures for each patient referred from time of evaluation to the entire period of their service.

Home Healthcare Consultant of Lifeline Healthcare goes far beyond what is expected and has become a trusted advocate for all those clients entrusted to his organization. Lifeline Healthcare is a superb organization dedicated to patient care and an outstanding asset to the community, the state and all of medicine. We have received numerous letters from our patients complimenting their personalized care.

I have recommended Lifeline Healthcare to patients when they ask “what company would you use?” based on their history of quality service to our patients.


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We have patients in ICUs who were in critical condition with ventilator support, having tracheostomy tube kept in situ, and naso-gastric feeding tube, Foley’s catheter etc. attached to him. When we discharge such a patient home, with multitude of clinical problems, we simply had to hand him over to the relatives of the patients for further care at home. In these situations, we knew that we are condemning the patient to fatal outcome, because patient’s relatives, without having medical training, simply will not be able to provide required clinical care at home. There were no medical organizations in Bangladesh who provides home-healthcare services to the patients, and to whom we could refer our patients for continued care at home, and who have all kinds of resources and trained manpower to do that. It’s wonderful that now we do not need to dump our critically ill patients to their relatives, but instead confidently can refer them to Lifeline Healthcare for further clinical and rehabilitation support at home. Patients can now recuperate consistently, getting hospital level of medical care at homefrom Lifeline Healthcare. This complements hospital care and establishes cohesion in patient care, resulting positive outcomes for patients. It’s, therefore, an extremely vital component of medical services, and must be supported for the wellbeing of our patients.

We have been referring patients to Lifeline Healthcare’s home care program for quite a while now, and were absolutely relieved to see smooth transition of our patients from hospital to home environment for consistent and continued recuperation. Most of the patients did not require hospitalization except for any interventional therapy. They even did not require to attend hospital follow ups after a while, and remained in stable condition at home thanks to the institutional level of patient management protocol maintained by Lifeline Healthcare staffs and clinicians.

Overall we are very much satisfied with the way the organization is managed maintaining dedication, professionalism, and very high standard of their services. We, therefore, recommend Lifeline Healthcare to our patients for home healthcare services, and maintain cooperation with them in patient caring.